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Welcome to my art blog from Tasmania, Australia. I post a little on my various art projects while also working in plant genetics. For more, please try the links to my various art pages or email me at silvergumstudio@yahoo.com.au. Thank you for visiting!

Glass gallery

Jellyfish chandelier
Teal and white plate
Hubble series 4
I haven't made any glass for a long time, but here are some of my favourite pieces from the past.  I spent many happy weekends and evenings in a little glass studio with my kilns, Frankie and Dodge. (All glass artists name their kilns.  They're like living beings to us, and have their own personalities.)  The chandelier was for a friend, the plates and games were sold through galleries in Hobart, and the jewellery was for my market stall at Salamanca Market.  Ah, memories...
Summer range jewellery

Winter range jewellery

Lovers' tic tac toe

Cast glass fossil series

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