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Monday, April 13, 2020

A coronavirus poem

Holiday greetings from our laundry
Today's coronavirus poem comes to you courtesy of Ray Kelley, resident poet at The Cairns Aged Care Centre in Chapel Hill:

At the Cairns Centre we believe
That no-one is desirous
Of getting and then passing on
The dread coronavirus.

We know that social distancing --
Two metres -- makes good sense,
And faithfully must be observed
By all our residents.

We understand that SD rules
Prohibit fond embracing.
We've become conscious of the need
For speedy contact tracing.

We've duly learnt to elbow cough
And also elbow sneeze
Discreetly, to prevent the spread
Of this accursed disease.

Flatten the curve has taken on
A meaning that's replaced
The one which had been used before
(Referring to one's waist.)

Our lives are circumscribed by DOs
And DON'Ts that may annoy,
But let us take into account
The blessings we enjoy.

It's easier to self-quarantine
And to self-isolate
Within our complex, than 'twould be
Beyond our guarded gate.

While many Brisbaneites outside
Our walls have cause to fear
They will run out of toilet rolls,
That will not happen here.

Elsewhere those who in crowded rooms
Still party on, must be
Safely locked up, and stigmatised
For their COVIDiocy  --
A fate from which we're free.

Dear friend in Cairns, we know high fives
And close contact are banned;
We can't do what we'd like to do,
To shake each other's hand;

But the shared threat unites us now
In strong esprit de corps,
And though we keep our distance, we
Feel closer than before.

Stay safe, dear friends, wherever you may be.

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