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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Exhibition at Kingston LINC in February

Please drop by and see my exhibition of illustrated poems at the very nice Kingston LINC in February (starts 1st Feb, ends 28th Feb.)  The poems are mostly funny and short, and were written by Ray Kelley (thanks, Dad!) and myself.  The illustrations are all new, as I've done them specially for the exhibition.  The three shown here are for the poems Such Darling Dodos, A Bit Thick, and Please Vacate the Boardwalk for the Wombat (this last is rather a long ballad about the hazards of Tasmanian bushwalking, too long to fit in the display cabinet, but I hope to fit the picture in.) 

My work will be in the foyer cabinet and there will be works by other illustrators on display around the library, including some lovely pictures by my friend, Andrea Potter.

Here's a taster of one of the poems:

Wake in Fright

Into my midnight roof the bison drill
Their hooves in a stampede to wake the dead;
And I'm the one dead to the world, until
They jolt me from my bed.

"It's not a herd of beasts, it's only one,"
My wife assures me, as I quake in fear.
"To reach his tree he has to take a run --
It's just our possum, dear."

Ray Kelley

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  1. These are terrific but the wombat is my favorite of all. I have never met one and yet wombats are one of my favorites. :)