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Sunday, July 2, 2017

National Tree Days: 28th and 30th July

Australia's National Tree Day is coming on Sunday 30th July, preceded by Schools Tree Day on Friday 28th July. 

National Tree Day brings together communities to plant and care for trees, particularly native vegetation.  You can join a pre-existing event, register an event, enter a schools competition and/or share Tree Day stories.  You can even take a photo of your dog with a tree to enter the 'Dogs Love Trees' competition.  Get involved by visiting the National Tree Day website.

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  1. Gay McKinnon! Can it be so long since I stopped by?! Hello! I am utterly charmed by this painting with it's beautiful clouds and tiny figures planting trees. All messages of hope and kindness and trees planting welcome! I hope you'll be back to the blog (a bit?) in 2018. Happy New Year! :)