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Monday, July 21, 2014

Good news - shortlisted for award!

Good news this week ... 'The Smallest Carbon Footprint in the Land and other eco-tales', written by Anne Morgan, illustrated by me, and published by IP Kidz, has been shortlisted for The Wilderness Society 2014 Environment Award for Childrens' Literature.   

Congratulations to Anne for thinking up the concept of the book, writing it and seeing it through from a picture book concept to a collection of funny, clever, recycled fairytales with environmental themes.  The picture on the left is from the book and portrays Cool Girl and seven fairly shortish guys, known for their musical ability.

Here are all the shortlisted books.  Congratulations also to Christina Booth, who is a fellow Tasmanian author/illustrator, for her lovely 'Welcome Home'.

Young Readers’ Shortlist: 
     Girl v the World: Sophie Bennett Saves the Planet by Meredith Badger (Hardie Grant Egmont)
     Bush Baby Rescue: Juliet Nearly a Vet, Book 4 by Rebecca Johnson Illustrated by Kyla may (Penguin Group Australia)
     The Smallest Carbon Footprint in the Land and other eco-tales by Anne Morgan Illustrated by Gay McKinnon  (Interactive Publications)  
Picture book shortlist 
     Welcome Home by Christina Booth (Ford Street Publishing)
     The Twelve Days of Christmas Island by Teresa Lagrange (Allen & Unwin)
     Kissed by the Moon by Alison Lester (Penguin Group Australia)
     The Curious Explorer’s Illustrated Guide to Exotic Animals by Marc Martin (Penguin Group Australia)
     Rainforest Lullaby by Sally Odgers Illustrated by Lisa Stewart (Scholastic Press)


  1. It's a pity your fans don't get to vote but as the Yanks say, we're root in' for ya!

  2. Hooray hooray! Fantastic news and congratulations. :D