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Monday, April 28, 2014

Messylox goes to Singapore! - and other news

April has been a very busy art month with lots happening.

My illustration of Messylox emptying the trash, from 'The Smallest Carbon Footprint in the Land' (left), was accepted for exhibition in the BIG (Book Illustrators Gallery) at the Asian Festival of Children's Content 2014!  I printed Messylox (extra large), rolled her in a tube and posted her off to Singapore, where she is now part of the BIG online illustrators gallery and will be on display during the festival.  Friends have hinted (actually, more than hinted, demanded) that I should fly to Singapore to join the festival and see Messylox in her glory.  In fact, I've been told to get new business cards in red for the festival, since this is a lucky colour.  Perhaps I will be able to go - if so, that will be my fourth conference in about three months.

There will be an illustrator's festival here in Hobart from 5th-8th June, and I've been invited to give a talk at Constance Art Gallery on 5th June - I'll post more when I have some publicity material for the festival.  There will be talks by several illustrators/animators/cartoonists including Chris Downes, Tony Thorne and Rex Smeal.

I've also finished the illustrations for 'When I was a girl in Sudan', Julie Hawkins has laid it out beautifully, and we hope to print both the Sudan books by early June.  The Tasmanian Writers' Centre has received grants from Tasmanian Regional Arts and the Tasmanian Community Fund to complete the project.  I've put the cover design over on the left hand side of the blog.

We've also found a bit of time to go travelling in the north of Tasmania and the Derwent Valley.  We saw gorgeous rural scenery and natural forests, and were able to glean apples, chestnuts, watercress, blackberries and mushrooms.  It's now coming into winter with the first snow on the peaks, and two tons of wood have arrived today for the stove.  My next jobs are to work on a preliminary illustration for a new book (more on that soon), making promotional postcards and updating my folio for the upcoming SCBWI conference in Sydney in July.  There's no time to miss making glass...


  1. Congratulations on Messylox & the Sudan books!!! How exciting! You've been busy!!! Glad to read of these successes!