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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rain complaint

Rain, snail and hoe:
It's coming down in spades.
These rude cascades
Could bruise our brains.
Oh, how it rains!

It's coming down in vats.
It's raining dogs and cats.
Seasonable, yes - reasonable, no.
Rain, snail and hoe!

A small cry of complaint.  Spring has come to Tasmania, and it never seems to stop raining - although I must say it's been good for the lettuce patch.
The above poem was inspired partly by a spoonerism uttered by my uncle as a small boy.  Intent on going somewhere or other, he exclaimed tearfully: 'I'm going, and you can't stop me - rain, snail or hoe!'  My wicked grandmother, unable to resist, answered, 'Well darling, if it's raining that's okay, and even snailing's not too bad - but if it's hoeing, it's dangerous.'


  1. Hi Gay,
    Loving your sketch and poem. It wahooed down with rain on Sunday here....thought I was going have to get my dingy out again...

  2. Dry up our way, warmest, driest August ever, spring is up and running here.
    Love the illustration, which is the mainland? Is there an award for the pithiest poem? You win! You obviously have your grandma's sense of humour.

    1. Mainland - what's that? You mean the north island...

  3. 'Rain, Snail or Hoe'. Ha. Good one. I'm gonna use it.

  4. Haha, hilarious poem. Reminds me one of the hobbits' songs from Lord of the Rings, but it escapes me at the moment. Such a cool and whimsical painting!