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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Myra robbed a pyramid

Here, for no reason at all, is this week's poem:

Myra robbed a pyramid.
It's a pity Myra did:
Lingering in dusty holes
Fingering papyrus scrolls
Rendered Myra wildly wealthy
But was horribly unhealthy.
Greedy, too-desirous Myra's
Died of an Egyptian virus.

(The illustration is an adaptation of one I did for quite another purpose this week.  Is it obvious that Myra was originally a bird?)


  1. LOVE this, Gay! The poem reminds me a little of Edward Gorey! Love your style!

  2. Dear Gay, as devoted admirers
    We tell you, these verses inspire us
    To try to become versifierous.
    Our attempts will undoubtedly tire us,
    As searches for rhymewords require us
    To venture through Nashland barbedwirous.


  3. Hee hee! She looks so sweet and timid! Naughty Myra!

  4. Haha! No, it's not obvious she was a bird, but I can see her as one since you mentioned it. Terrific and silly poem! My favorite kind. :D