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Monday, March 11, 2013

Sudanese picture books


A little while ago I posted some work I did for a picturebook mentorship application to the Australian Society of Authors.  I found out yesterday that I didn't win a mentorship - but rather than being disappointed, I felt rather relieved!  The reason is that I've been asked to illustrate TWO picturebooks for the Tasmanian Sudanese community, and will be very busy with that.
The books, beautifully written by Terry Whitebeach and Sarafino Enadio, are called 'When I Was a Boy in Sudan' and 'When I Was a Girl in Sudan', and are memoirs of the daily traditional lives of Madi people living in what is now South Sudan.  The books aim to help children of Sudanese descent who are growing up in Australia to understand their cultural origins.  Some of the books will also be donated to schools in South Sudan, where there is a desperate need for books in English that the children can relate to.
Above is a sample double page illustration I did for the authors last week, showing children running to protect their crops from weaver birds.  They liked it very much, so I'll be working on the books and posting some more illustrations in the months to come.  Although I put the text on this illustration myself, I will be working with book designer Julie Hawkins who has generously offered to donate her time to the project. Here's one of the gorgeous books Julie has designed: http://ingraphicdetail.com.au/projects/books/pedder.
By the way, ANYI FEFE means - 'Run!'


  1. How wonderfully talented you are! I am so delighted to find you.

    Thank you again for your comments today--you made my day. It has been a hard week for me.

    Blessings to you, and happy "arting."

  2. I'm sorry you didn't get the mentorship; I thought those drawings were wonderful. However, congratulations on the new commission!

  3. WOOWWWW!! This sounds like an exciting project...CONGRATULATIONS!! My dad always says to me that life always brings more excitement than you can ever plan or imagine! Can't wait to see how this all unfolds and develops!!

  4. You have climbed a mountain but now you have wings and can soar! Sorry, I know that sounds soppy but it gladdens my heart to read how well you are doing in your third career.

  5. Brilliant, so pleased for you.. :) love the illustration.

  6. Holy cow, so exciting! And the style of this is really lovely. Wonderful news, congratulations!

  7. thank you all ... it really is a great project. And brought about partly by all this blogging. Can't wait to see what you all do next.