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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Veg Out

Veg out at the beach
At a cafe yesterday I was startled to see tousled capsicum on offer.

On closer inspection I realised my reading of the menu was overly creative.  The capsicum wasn't tousled.  It was merely toasted.  But here's the thing: for a moment I seriously entertained the possibility that this was a new culinary term.

The potatoes at our local pub are smashed.  The limes are muddled.  Yes, fruit and veg everywhere are appearing in states of dishevelment and dishabille, and I for one blame Jamie Oliver.  In his new 15-minute meals, veg are whisked from garden to table in less time than it takes to say 'photosynthesis' and subjected to a series of verbal indignities along the way.  They're wazzed, jazzed, scrunched, zipped, and thrown into the pot to crack on while Jamie goes in with the seasoning.  Add a dollop of careless charm, sprinkle with glottal stops and it's gorgeous.

I can't take it any more.  Let veg be veg.  In fact, let them veg out.  I plan to do likewise.  Happy holidays!


  1. OK Gay, you have just given me a good excuse for not becoming a vegetarian, something I have felt the need to do for a long time. You have given veggies personality! I love reading menus too, gone are the days when all we had to amuse us were the misplaced apostrophes, now we have creative waiting 101 !

  2. Hahaha, my favorite post of all! Not to mention quite timely, as me and my fellow have started doing a lot of vegetable juicing. (Short version of story - We watched the movie "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and got all inspired.)

    For goodness sake, if not capsicum, SOMETHING should be tousled. How about when they put those finely sliced and curled onion rings/strings on top of certain dishes? Those are most certainly tousled.

    The illustration is so super cute! Hilarious that the veggies have a hotdog-dog. And such a cutie one! Love that hat. Hi Gay! Hope you are well! (How's that shoulder doing?)

    1. SNAP! Cindy, we watched that movie two nights ago and bought a juicer too...I hate it when I am so optimistic that a machine will change my life but I am determined that this one will not gather dust at the back of the cupboard.BTW does your tummy rumble a lot from all that juice? sounds like a storm brewing here!!

    2. Yes, I do get the rumbly tummy! We actually just fasted for a couple days to start, and after that lots of juice but sometimes have dinner. So aside from the juice, some days I eat a couple eggs, or half an avocado, almonds or other nuts. Many days we'll do a big batch of sauteed broccoli (with just a little spray oil, maybe salt, pepper and garlic), and maybe a piece of fish. But no dairy or starch (rice, wheat, potatoes). The nuts help with the tummy. I've lost 16 pounds in about 4 weeks! I knew small changes don't work for me, so we bought an $80 juicer and haven't looked back. (I haven't eaten meat other than fish in ages, so some of it was easy for me.)

      Haha, sorry Gay for the big ramble on your blog! I decided I don't really like carrots in the juice so no orange for me, but maybe green. :) It's a very inspiring documentary! I keep thinking I should do a blog post about it but I was trying to stick to an art blog. Hmm. Maybe one post. Or maybe a couple sentences at the end of my art posts. Not sure!

  3. I can't believe TWO of my friends watched a film called 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead'! I would run a mile from it, but as you've both watched it, I feel I must too! Oh dear, do I have to buy a veggie juicer? Go easy on the carrots you two - I had a friend who drank carrot juice every day and went orange.

  4. Happy Christmas Gay! Keep up the great (illustration) work! And you must be looking forward to your book being published in 2013! Love the veggie drawing.