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Thursday, November 15, 2012

New glass for summer

Summer's here, and the makers of System 96 glass (bless them) have expanded their range of colours as well as putting out some 'fusers' specials' for the likes of me to play with.  This week I had a happy time with their strong opaque red and its perfect counterparts, acid green and transparent aqua.  As usual, when I wanted to photograph the glass the light was poor, but we had a five-minute burst of sunshine so I dashed into the garden with a card table and photographed it on a sheet of watercolour paper.  Just as I had arranged the jewellery to perfection an earwig fell on it.  I'm sure Picasso never had to put up with this.
I wonder, should I do a chicken plate?...

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  1. Geez I wish I could get updates on your blog! I can't seem to subscribe, though I can subscribe to the comments in an individual post. I missed so many!

    The earrings are cool but I just love the plate. You're so right, those colors just love each other!