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Thursday, October 25, 2012

These foolish things

It's back to the drawing board at last - or in this case, back to the glass studio, with three wilfully foolish things. 

They are (from top to bottom, in the large photo):
Sunshine tic tac toe
Cubist tic tac toe
Genetic lottery (XY chromosome) tic tac toe

 It seems a fitting way to return to work.

Fused, polished glass. In Off Centre gallery, Hobart,  from 2nd Nov 2012.
Is it wrong to play with genes?


  1. Your'e back! I knew you were working hard and such amazing work.

  2. Wow, these are so cool! Do they come with extra pieces? I don't know about you guys down under, but I tend to lose things. :) Genetic lottery is my favorite but I dig them all.

    I did get your email, thank you! But I thought I shouldn't bug you and should wait til you return. :) Hooray! You've returned!

    1. Ah, it's so nice to be back in touch with you both. Re spare pieces ... they come with ten and there are only nine squares ... so you can lose ONE!