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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Here's a happy doodle for Illustration Friday: "Refresh".  It's a bit of an experiment ... I wanted to capture the feeling of light rain filtering through broad-leaved trees in the tropics.  Rather than sourcing reference material, I decided to let my brain construct a scene from memory and desire.  The result was this rather odd fantasy-symbolic scene in which the figures are marching along like ancient Egyptians on a bas-relief.  I resisted the urge to tidy it up and make the plants botanically accurate and add some perspective, because that would definitely spoil the fun.  The limited palette is an experiment too - I like early picture books done in that style, but haven't quite worked out how to do it yet - something to work on when I get a chance.

I just read in the paper that '63 percent of children aged 4-12 do not eat the recommended minimum daily serves of vegetables'.  Imagine!  I'll bet the other 37% are surreptitiously feeding theirs to the dog.


  1. Oooo! I like it! It has a Jungle Book" feel. And yeah... the colour palette and line drawings remind me of picture books my mum had when she was a little girl. Nice work!

  2. Love this! Tropically delicious! (And of course with a dog. Everything is best with a dog!) Love the lily pads. Love the trees. Love the limited palete. Fantastic, and quite different from many of your other things. Also, hooray for your triumphant return! (Was that too melodramatic?) I hope you are recovering on schedule. :)

    I have left a detailed message about issues with the new Illustration Friday at the blog. (It actually took me some time to figure out how to GET to the blog. But here's the spot, in case you want to add a note:

  3. Really love this, it's to the point and totally refreshing! :)

  4. What fun! This reminds me of a cool old children's book illustration. Love it!

  5. Lovely rain! Juicy and rich. Jummy

  6. Tropical fun!!! Rain certainly can be refreshing in a hot, humid climate such as this! Nicely done!

  7. Wow! I reeeealy love this illustration, it does give me flashbacks to the 'fifties (I was there).
    I think my first ever comment on your blog was about how your work reminded me of Edward Ardizzone, that same liveliness of line and this colouring reinforces that feeling.
    BTW, I have given up reading the papers, too many upsetting statistics!

  8. Oops, my triumphant return didn't last long, but thanks Cindy! Thanks and coming to visit you all...

  9. This is a wonderful piece! I'm excited to look at more of your work!