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Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Word One Day in Hobart

Hello earthlings.  I know, I know ... I'm overdue to emit my fortnightly faint cry from the art dungeon ... but check this out!  Yesterday was One Word One Day in Hobart.  Eight illustrators got together in the foyer of the ABC studios to fling paint at paper.  Gamely taking this in their stride, the ABC laid down groundsheets and interviewed us on live radio, thus giving me the chance to say: 'This is an initiative of the Australian Society of Authors to raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation' at which point my tongue tied itself in a knot.  Here we all are waving our paintings, which were on the theme word 'Once'.  Left to right we are: Ben Lambert with the lollipop lad, Chris Mister with the giraffe, Tony Thorne with star-crossed lovers on a  park bench, Christine Booth with the starship, Christopher Downes with the dragon, me with an alpine thylacine meeting, Coral Tulloch with an entire epic and Robyn Hopcroft with an angel.  The art materials were supplied by Micador.  I can't wait to do it again and wish I could spend EVERY day working in the company of seven other artists.


  1. It's usually a solitary gig this art lark, nice to get together with others who are on your wavelength!

    1. Carole, all my life, I've wanted to be one of those artists who work in a large group studio - like Leonardo da Vinci starting out as an apprentice and becoming the studio master. Why is art seen as a solitary gig these days, when sportspeople, scientists and so many other professionals develop their skills through constant interaction with those further up the ladder? The old Disney animation studios were the closest modern equivalent, but I hear they're not the same any more. I'm sure many talented artists languish through lack of the right environment. Now there's a project...

    2. Yes Gay, the stimulus of being around creative people gets your own juices flowing. I have found that in another way since I joined the Etegami Fun Club on Facebook (started by Debbie). Posting your work online, swapping ideas and suppliers for the materials all helps to connect us. I know that the 'Likes' are sometimes just polite notices but it does give you a boost to see that someone has taken the time to look at your work.

  2. I agree! But how does one find the appropriate rich and kindly benefactor? I couldn't afford a large studio (or even part of one, eek!) Lovely idea, though. I do find a lot of community spirit and inspiration through Illustration Friday though, and have gotten to the point where I recognize a nice bunch of folks and we generally comment back and forth. All alone would indeed be sad but the internet helps a little.

    I wish I could see your alpine thylacine meeting closer up! It sounds like a grand time indeed.

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