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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Updates on illustrator events/free folio website

Here's an update on two May events for Tasmanian illustrators, run by the Australian Society of Authors.  I'm helping to organise the events, so please send me an email if you have any questions or want to come along.

Friday 4th May free event 'You show me yours and I'll show you mine', a meeting for illustrators to get together and show each other their portfolios, talk about their work and meet other illustrators from different genres... botanical, comic, picture book, etc ... is 10am to 12 noon at the State Cinema in North Hobart (http://www.statecinema.com.au, 375 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart, phone: 03 6234 6318).  They're making a space available for us next to their cafe.  I'm really looking forward to this event - about ten artists have already signed up including book illustrators, cartoonists and animators.

Wednesday 23rd May event, 'One Word One Day' is 10 am - 2.30 pm in the foyer of the ABC building (1-7 Liverpool St Hobart).  Illustrators will be provided with a range of art materials by Micador, a theme word will be announced, and we will create artworks on that theme as the muse inspires us.  The process will be documented by photographers and writers, and the finished artwork will be photographed and auctioned to raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.  Here's a link for the Melbourne One Word One Day event, which attracted illustrators such as Shaun Tan.  This event costs $15.  To sign up, find the event on this page on the Australian Society of Authors website and add it to your shopping cart, or phone the ASA on 1800 257 121.

Also, I found an excellent free website for creating portfolios recently: http://carbonmade.com/.  It's very easy to use, both to set up your portfolio and for viewers, and has a nice simple look.  I switched to it and had a new-look online portfolio in an hour: http://gaymckinnon.carbonmade.com.  There are not many options to change the look, but it's worth considering if you need a cheap online folio.


  1. Oh, you'll totally have to tell us how those go. Good luck! And hooray for Illustration Friday and Web of Whimsy in providing practice for the "theme word" event.

    Also, your new portfolio page looks lovely! Oh my gosh I never saw that cow and bird in boat, dachshund family or that really cool brooding girl on pile of squashes. Those are my previously unseen favorites, but all the illustrations add up to a super portfolio.

  2. Have fun, looks like a cool event.