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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Excuse me, but may I complain?
I started this fortnight with rotator cuff injury.  What am I, a helicopter?  No, the rotator cuff belongs to the shoulder, and mine is inflamed from an excess of drawing, computer mousing, glass cutting, tennis and what-have-you.  It's been strapped, iced and manipulated.  I'm trying to make all my work practices more ergonomic, but it's hard to draw with an icepack on your shoulder.  I do envy ambidextrous artists like Landseer and Leonardo da Vinci.  Landseer reputedly could draw a deer with one hand while drawing a rabbit with the other, and Leonardo could draw anything with one hand while playing tennis with the other.  (I confess I don't believe this.  He would have required a very tolerant tennis opponent, which seems unlikely in Renaissance Italy.  Caravaggio stabbed his tennis opponent, possibly because he was drawing while he played.)

Anyhow, all this might have seemed enough.  But it wasn't.  On Monday I went into the garage to get the car and discovered that the woodheap had collapsed in the night.  On the car.  And two bikes.  You know that game, Pick Up Sticks?  Well, imagine a sort of gigantic game of Pick Up Sticks in which you gently remove logs of wood from your car bonnet while trying to prevent the further imminent collapse of a leaning pile of wood.  With a dodgy rotator cuff.  Now both the car and I are booked in for panel beating.

On a brighter note I made this plate, which is a tribute to our lovely autumn and also looks rather like an illustration.  It proved popular, so I'm making a series.

That picture of me clutching my head is a gross exaggeration.  My shoulder doesn't go up that far.


  1. Love the plate!!!

    Sorry to read about your injury. It's very painful and can be difficult to treat. Hope it improves soon!


  2. Gay! Complain all you want! I declare International Complain and/or Exaggerate As Necessary Day.* I hope you feel better, yikes! I hope your car feels better, too.

    That tree plate is terrific! Will you make different color trees, or different backgrounds, or both? Will you post pictures for us! I am sorry. I should not make demands while you are in recovery.

    *[Small print: I have no authority to make declarations of any but the wildly unlikely sort.]

  3. Tasmania needs you girl!, take care of yourself.
    The good news is I think this kind of injury responds to physio and changed work practices quite well so here's hoping.
    Love the plate.

  4. Thank you all - seems everyone knows this injury and has had it at one time or another, so I get lots of advice! I'm planning to buy a new sort of mouse for the computer. The plate - Cindy, I've made some little ones (square) and I did make a green one, but I think the red will be more popular, so I plan to make it in all sizes. Look after yourselves and your shoulders. Gay (too lazy to sign in!)

  5. Gay! I hope you are doing better! Are you doing better? Take care of yourself and post more cool stuff. :P

    1. Thank you Cindy, I am loving life without the car and my arm is sort of getting better ... but I have to rest it. I hope to post for IF this week, though. Thanks!! I'm coming by to see what you've made.