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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shady bear

Here's a pic for Illustration Friday ... owing to a memory lapse, I thought the theme for this week was 'Shade'!
Oh well.


  1. Your bear looks like he's having a really happy dream...just gorgeous... :)

  2. Oh I love him! (I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George.) He has a bit of a Seussian face in his happy dreamland. I really like the organic frame. And I love the arc of lovely, bright foliage. Terrific!

    [p.s. "Shade" is a completely reasonable entry idea for "shades"! Especially because it led to this wondrous pic!]

  3. What a wonderful illustration! He looks so comfortable & content!

  4. Your bear looks so happy and comfy, the freely drawn frame really ads to the illo as a whole and I particularly like the dappling effect on his back where the sun peeks through.

    BTW, did you read that the creator (along with her husband) of those other famous bears, The Berenstain Bears, passed away in February? I bought their very first book for my son in about 1964. Wikipedia says they were criticized for anthropomorphizing their bears but the kids loved them.

  5. Gay, you are getting better and better and better. Love the bear. How did you go with Omnibus?

  6. Thank you all - I think this picture was a fleeting salute to autumn, which looks as though it will last five minutes this year (snow predicted tomorrow!) Carole, I loved the Berenstein Bears too. As for anthropomorphizing ... animal characters may be animals, or they may really be people, and children seem to understand that better than some adults. Marjory, you're always so reassuring. No work from Omnibus but until the seas gang dry I suppose there's always hope.

  7. The bear is really great. I like the colours and the beautiful tree frame. Well done.

  8. Really nice gesture -- so droopy & relaxed. And I like his sweet smile, too.

  9. I love his position in that tree - just wonderful.

  10. Shaded aloft in ursine indolence
    Unstrained, unstiff, untight, untaut, untense,
    I illustrate in equipoised unstress
    What Wordsworth recommends, 'wise passiveness'.

    1. Love this one ... shall we do a book? I'll keep posting animals if you keep posting poems.

  11. Your illo makes me feel happy and relaxed. :) My post on "shades" was so subtle, I wondered how many people caught it. :p

    So happy that you visited my etegami blog!