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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Illustration Friday: Capable

Penelope was capable of almost any mischief.

 It's great to have time to contribute to this week's Illustration Friday.  I'm not sure what Penelope is putting in the town water supply in this picture, but it's all in good fun.  I think she's one of those children from Harry Graham's 'Ruthless Rhymes for Heartless Homes', which (strangely) my grandmother encouraged me to read.  You might remember this one:

In the drinking well
Which the plumber built her,
Aunt Eliza fell...
We must buy a filter.


  1. I understand that Penelope has convinced you that whatever substance she is pouring into the town water supply is "all in good fun" but I find this image and her cunning expression somewhat darker than that.

    What's so great is all the possibilities this image suggests. Sure, she might be an innocent girl pouring sugar or food coloring into the well as a lark. But perhaps she is a witch testing out a new potion! But maybe she's a good witch, and the potion is one that puts everyone in good spirits. Or a love potion! Lovely job with the light and shadows.

    Also: HOORAY for your triumphant return! (Oh my gosh, do I just bug you to death or what?) :P

    1. Go on bugging me. You are such a good influence, I am lucky to have you!

  2. Tsk Tsk, Penelope.

    Sure, your family has been getting on your nerves of late, but to empty your chamber pot into the drinking well?? Well, I never...

    Really nice composition here. I like the blog and will follow!

  3. Oh yeah, Jelly fish chandelier is too bitchen!

  4. Naughty Penelope, I agree with Cindy...up to no good. Maybe green dye with a touch of frog essence...yuck. Great fun Gay. :)

  5. Gay, love those red earrings in the left side panel - recognise the design, lol. The noughts and crosses is a great idea too for those of us who a tactile people. :)

  6. Ah, I feel for Penelope, I think she is a misunderstood pre teen whose eye rolling has caused a permanent squint to the right, eye rolling is something I am familiar with, having four granddaughters!
    It is fascinating to see how everyone approaches the Illustration Friday topic, it is clear that your break from work has refreshed you.

  7. O what has Penny in her philtre
    To throw the townsfolk out of kilter?
    Is her expression mild or flinty?
    Moments like these you need a Mintie.

  8. OH, I have a Penelope in my house! She just happens to be a HE over here. Capable of ANY mischief:-)