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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Publishing contract

I'm happy to say that I've just finalised a contract with publisher IP Kidz to illustrate a children's book.  The book is a collection of stories by Anne Morgan, with the title 'The Smallest Carbon Footprint in the Land and other Eco-tales'.  It's a funny, silly book that 'recycles' some well known fairy and folk tales to give them a modern environmental twist.  While I'll call on my science background for some of the illustrations, overall they need to be light-hearted and fun and have a slightly retro look.  I love this project!  I'll be doing about thirty black and white illustrations and the cover art.
These are a couple of preliminary illustrations for different stories.  Ideas, comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated ... I'll keep posting as I progress through illustrating the book.  I'm just about to dash off camping so please don't be offended if Idon't reply at once - I am very interested in everyone's ideas!


  1. Sooooo pleased for you, I knew you were'nt born beautiful for nothing to paraphrase Mrs Bennet!
    Love 'Phil and Brenda'in the first illo! Congratulations,now go on and enjoy your holiday (does someone need thawing out?).

  2. Wow! Super terrific, Gay! I would be happy to offer suggestions (I can even leave out the wombats, really!) But I need to know what I am offering suggestions about, so I will keep an eye on this here blog. Such wonderful, whimsical and yes, old-fashioned style to these! Black and white can be a challenge for some but clearly it's not an issue for you. :)

  3. Yayy! That's such wonderful news! I love all the little illustrations you've posted already.

  4. I'm baaack and ploughing through 600 emails! Thanks dearies for your encouragement. I will gladly pick your brains as I proceed with my illustrations.
    Wow, civilisation is great after drinking lukewarm Staminade out of a plastic bottle for days. And I have won so many online lotteries and been left so much money by imaginary African relatives in my absence, I can retire after this book.

  5. Thanks for posting! Love it Indeed! Thanks once again , Happy Weekend... Gay!