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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I've joined Off Centre Gallery

Hello everyone, and sorry about the long delay between posts ... I've just been very busy.  This month, I joined a co-op of 10 artists who run Off Centre Gallery in the Salamanca Arts Centre of Hobart.  The gallery is in a lovely old converted warehouse on Salamanca Place, and specialises in ceramics and glass.  It also has jewellery, paintings and photos.  All the artists are locals and we take turns to mind the gallery, which is open 10-5 every day except Christmas Day.
I did a bit of experimenting, trying to create new works for Off Centre.  I've made a series of small glass blocks which I plan to extend into larger sculptures.  I've also made jewellery and large plates with organic and geometric designs.

I have a page on the Off Centre blog here:
and all the other artists are down the right hand side.

This is a detail from one of the plates.  I used hot glass trails pulled by Merinda Young at Tudor Rose Glass Works, and inlaid coloured glass pieces that I stretched thin to get an ethereal watercolour look.

This white and teal plate (my favourite) broke in transit to the gallery - oh, the heartbreak!  I'll make another one.
Meanwhile, why am I not doing Illustration Friday?  Well, I seem to have dropped off their mailing list, so I don't get those all-important reminders any more ... I'll join up again and hope to post illustrations soon.


  1. Hi Gay, I always know when you are being creative, long time between posts (too long for me). Good luck with the co-op, the glass is gorgeous, it's a pity about the gumleafy, Sydney Long-ish plate, so much hard work lost.

  2. Your glasswork is beautiful! I'd like to find a nice shop like that to work part time and display my work. I enjoy the face-to-face interaction with customers who appreciate art. Good luck to you in your new venture.

  3. Brilliant idea, Gay! Look forward to seeing you in April! We hit town on the 18th :) Yippee!
    PS Very sad about that beautiful plate. :(

  4. Thank you so much Sheryl MP. Sheryl G, I look forward to seeing you! Carole, I didn't even realise that design looked like gumleaves - although the shapes looked familiar, obviously for that very reason. As for Sydney Long, you always hit the nail on the head ... I've long been a fan of his paintings (even copied some of them at the Qld Art Gallery) and for years I had a little postcard of one of his drawings.

  5. I am sad about the broken one as well because it looks so neat. But you have a photo, proof it existed for a little while. So Gail. Can you, like, get a wombat shape into the glass? I mean, it might be a huge, untapped market. Wombat glass designs and such.

    It seems the beginning of the year was time a lot of people took off from blogging. I hope that means everyone is doing cool and excellent projects they will post soon. That is so very cool about the co-op! What artist wouldn't want to be involved in such a thing? Congratulations!

  6. love that plate gay. what a shame it broke xx

    1. Ah well, it's motivated me to make more of them. Sherry, where's your blog, I can't find it any more?? I want to visit.

  7. I felt the need to come right over and tell you that in fact Illustration Friday has been having trouble with their email servers for 2-3 weeks. The first time I didn't get one I tried to join up again as well. Then I checked their blog and they talked about the problem. It was all a misunderstanding... come back!

    1. Ooh, thanks Cindy. I just pestered them with an email - they'll be snowed under - anyhow I will just check their site as often as I can remember.
      I have to go make that glass wombat now!!