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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New glass for 2012 (and hapless beasts)

Happy 2012, humans and beasts.  I haven't been slacking off ... honestly.  Here are today's photos of what's in the glass studio.  I've just had these glass blocks & vessels polished, and I'll be making many more sculptures of all shapes and sizes in 2012, to go in Off-Centre gallery from the start of February.

Not forgetting illustration, this week I've been doing a bit of 3-D character creation in plasticine.  Modelling is a nice alternative to sketching characters and enables you to change their pose and draw them from any angle.  My plan was to make a charismatic owl and wombat, but my subconscious took over and made a troupe of plaintive, bedraggled beasts who seemed to be saying: 'For this we crawled out of the primeval sludge? Just what the heck are we, anyway?'  Bemused, I showed one to a toddler, who bonded with it immediately.  'Dog-cat,' he explained.  So now you know.


  1. I know you haven't been slacking off (because you said so), but if you HAD, that would totally be ok, you know.

    I don't know much about glass. However, for a short time in ages past, I was the temporary assistant to a glass artist who made glass fish. I helped cut out some of the fish (with a jigsaw, maybe?) and also did some copper soldering. Glass is neat! Your pieces look really nice and also neat, especially the vessel one. How do you get color in there! I may have to look it up.

    As for these small creatures, perhaps they are wondering why you made them out of bubble gum. I'm sure you didn't, but they may not know it. I'll be honest, I don't necessarily see "owl" but I do see "charismatic". As for the wombat, well, you just cannot go wrong with a wombat! I think my feelings have been clear on that subject.

  2. Miss Gay you have your fingers in more pies than Tom Thumb, and you get a plum every time!

  3. Hi!
    I love your characters and beautiful glass! Those primordial beasts look like they could be my long-lost ancestors!

  4. Bubble gum, Cindy - indeed! That is 100% fine art plasticine. As for their identities, I fear they regressed from owl and wombat to something much further down the evolutionary scale. But thanks for saying they're charismatic. The colour is from cut sheets of glass, melted swirls of glass, powdered glass & a bunch of tricks. Thanks origa-me and Sheryl ... I'd better come visit you!