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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Australian Open

Last night I watched Sharapova beat Lisicki in the Australian Open.  Oooh!  What a match!  It was so tense I had to take a break and do this vignette for Illustration Friday (theme, 'twirl').

The very clever Ray Kelley writes:

I always barrack for Li Na.
It's not because she is a star
Who's down-to-earth despite her fame;
It's 'cos I can pronounce her name.
And that is why I like to cheer
For Arn and King and Rus and Peer.
A sluggish tongue like mine prefers
Monosyllabic monikers.
If Pavlyuchenkova were Pav
Count me as one more fan she'd have.


  1. Cute illustration! These koala bears look very determined. I'm glad the Australian Open inspired you to do this illustration, because it turned out great! :)

  2. I have a to agree, serious determination on those faces. Not to mention it is clear they are keenly following the first rule of tennis: "keep your eye on the ball". (I played in high school.) I haven't watched much tennis on tv, though.

    Always love your adorable, down-under critters. These guys have such cute, big noses. Very nicely done! So glad to see you at Illustration Friday! :)

  3. he he he he he he!! They are a series these two! How delightfully wonderful are they? Happy New Year to you Gay! It's been a while I know. I'm up to my eyeballs in work and things, but it's good. Hope that things are coming along for you as well. Best to you always and thanks so much for stopping by. Mr. Pea Pee and his family sends love!

  4. Twist and twirl and keep your eye on the ball! Such determination. Wonderful illustration.

  5. Oh love this! The little cute skirts just add to the fun of this illustration. <3

  6. This truly is an Australian Open - love the animals!