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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Do you like my headline?  I stole the formula from the Hobart Mercury.  What you do is, select four monosyllabic nouns, and arrange them to suggest something torrid.  Extra points are awarded if you use a noun that is also a verb.  For example: YACHT MAN KILL PROBE.  This means there will be a murder (kill) investigation (probe) into the mysterious death of a man on a yacht.  Try it!  With practice, almost anything in life can be reduced to this simple formula.  Octopus stole your washing?  EIGHT ARM HOIST HEIST.  Koala in your wardrobe?  FUR BALL VAULT SHOCK.  A wardrobe isn't really a vault, but you don't have to be accurate.  You could also call it a TRUNK, SAFE, BIN or LOFT.  Post your own here, or send me a story and I'll convert it.

All this is just a preliminary to my complaint that shield bugs are using our broad beans as mattresses for their summer loving.  Take a look:

There is some art in this post.  I found the bugs while running round the garden with photo-sensitive paper to make sun prints.  These are a few selected prints, which I can now turn into pendants or cards.

I also tried some common objects.  I like the tintacks, which came out looking rather Japanese.  Check out the see-through effect from the transparent plastic objects.


  1. That would be a Murdoch newspaper right? Very clever.
    How about ; ART GAL SEX SPY .
    BTW, we call them stink bugs and they smell like coriander but then I like coriander, weird Huh?

  2. Haha, you should work for them - very catchy and suitably scurrilous!!

    ... I probably didn't get it right, but I love your sun prints! :)

  4. lurid photos of copulating arthropods - so shocking!!!

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  6. I am sorry the bugs are getting funky on your plants. You could also call it a BAD BUG STINK DANCE, I suppose! Or maybe that's too vague. I really wanted to come up with something including WOMBAT but then I remembered one syllable was a rule.

    Those photo sensitive paper things are really cool. BLUE BLOG ART JOY. Hrm. BLUE PIC MAKE FUN. Oh lord. Ok, maybe I will try again later. :D