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Monday, November 28, 2011

Kids Book Review writing competition

Hooray, I just got a special mention in the Kids Book Review picture book writing competition (along with a lot of other people, I admit, but I'm still delighted).  I sent in a manuscript that I wrote a few weeks ago, called The Forgotten Playground.  I haven't done any art work for the manuscript yet, but it's a dreamy story and I imagine it with illustrations rather like this painting, which I did years ago using glazes of acrylic on canvas.
Kids Book Review is a fabulous website, worth checking out if you want to know the latest in children's publishing.


  1. Writing too? What an intriguing title! I look forward to some enlightened publisher snapping it up, along with your dreamy illos.
    Love the wombat BTW.

  2. I still miss that picture!

  3. Wow Gay, that's so exciting! I have to admit I find the children's book publishing world rather daunting simply because of the sheer numbers of books already out and new folks coming up who want to give it a shot. But it's a pretty big world and you could probably look at most things that way. So just do what you love!

    Oh my gosh! If I hadn't read origa-me's comment I would not have been awake enough to notice the wombat! (Excuse me for a moment while I go do a happy wombat dance... Ok, done.) Adorable. And someone sent him a valentine. Aww!

    I love this painting! It's almost like two paintings but blended so seamlessly in the middle. I love that tree and the colors at the top. Plus the whole thing is so interesting to look at. A book full of dreamy paintings like this would be great!

  4. More congratulations to you!!
    And hope that you got the terms you wanted with that other project?

  5. AND ...now even more congratulations for winning the Omnibus envelope competition! I just checked out their website and saw it! Fantastic!

  6. Congratulations, Gay! I LOVE the illustration too!! :) Such beautiful blends of colour.

  7. Thank you all - what a support team! Thanks too for the advice about the project, Marjory. Cindy, I think I'll send you a wombat for Christmas! Thanks for your great enthusiasm - I feel fired up and ready to PUBLISH, dammit!