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Friday, July 1, 2011

Cow and Bird go to the Tasmanian highlands

Here's something I did for my illustration course at the London Art College this week.  The brief was to illustrate a scene from a book about Cow and Bird, who become friends and travel the world together.  I'd planned to send them to Japan, but at the last minute I sent them to the Tasmanian highlands.  It's probably a bit chilly in that boat and I'm not sure about Cow's rowing ability, but Bird seems confident.
I was a bit disgusted with this painting at the time, but on reflection (no pun intended) it was rather ambitious trying to depict reflections, ripples and rainbows AND a cow rowing a boat.  Waiting to see what my tutor has to say!!


  1. Well, IIIIII like it!

  2. What a sweet faced cow! Hope they don't meet any Devils!

  3. Thanks - and luckily, my tutor liked it better than I did.

  4. Oh this cow is just the cutest....and I love how he can row so gently...and your background is beautiful! Nicely done....for me, the cow just pulls you into the picture! Thanks!

  5. great to have you in the July whimsy pool - come by and vote or add to the August whimsicality