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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flower pendants

Here's something new and feminine (but very high-tech) for this Saturday's market - flower pendants!  I made them using a strange amalgamation of old and new technologies.  The flower images are sun prints of flowers from our garden.  I arranged the flowers on photo-sensitive paper and exposed the paper to the sun for a couple of minutes, scanned the resulting images into the PC and re-sized them.  My friend glass artist extraordinaire Merinda Young printed them onto ceramic decal paper for me (in exchange for a Vegemite scroll - thanks Merinda!), and I fired them onto opaque art glass.  The iron in the ink fired into the glass, leaving behind a sepia image.  The images are of grass, daisies, grape hyacinths, lavendar, and scarlet runner beans.  I'll be developing some hand-drawn images for pendants soon, I hope.


  1. Nature as art, I love it! How big are they Gay and do you sell online? I like the pink one first in the bottom row (daisy).

  2. Love the barter system you used; am thinking I might start to charge in vegemite scrolls! The pendants are beautiful!

  3. Hi Carole! they're about 2 x 3 cm and I sell them for $25 (including a cord). If you want that one, just send me an email and maybe we can organise a barter - I would like some of your etegami!!

  4. Wow, that was almost simultaneous posting! Great to hear from you Marjory. Yeah, who needs the cash economy? I'm coming to check out your site and see your latest.