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Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Dad's Sculpture"

Did you ever create something that just got out of hand?  No matter what you did, it never seemed finished, it never seemed quite right, and everybody gave you the benefit of their opinion.

This is an illustration for a great story named "Dad's Sculpture" by my friends, authors Julie Hunt and Sue Moss.  The family and neighbours just don't know what they're in for when Dad goes to a welding class and begins work on his piece-de-resistance.  And Dad certainly doesn't realise that his creation is about to take over his life ...

While doodling for this illustration, I also accidentally drew this giant metal teddybear.  A disturbing emergence from the subconscious.  Some things were never meant to be big!


  1. excellent post - thanks for adding to the whimsy

  2. I can see you love what you do.....it's fantastic!

  3. oh WOW! both illustrations are really great. But Da's definitely my favourite. Sounds like it is a great story :)

  4. I don't think this story is about your Dad!

  5. I like this idea...
    thanks for stopping by my blog...

  6. CONGRATS - you are this week's Wizard of Whimsy! (just in case you didn't get my email) Thanks for coming by and adding to the fun.