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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Glass palettes

I made this palette out of plate glass recently and have been road-testing it.  I've found that plastic palettes are too small, too light (tip over easily), and too hard to clean because they bond to acrylic paints.  I also like a bit of space to mix solid paint on ledges above the wells.  This palette is very solid, large (28cm x 40cm with big wells) and can be clingwrapped easily.  Paint never sticks to it, even if it dries.  I'm interested to know if there's any demand for these, so if you think you'd like one (or a different size/style), let me know by comment or email at silvergumstudio@yahoo.com.au.  A custom-made 30 x 40 cm glass palette would cost about $50.


  1. How about shipping? Would they travel? Brilliant idea, I am 'over' plastic. Carole

  2. Whoops, sorry I didn't see this for a while, Carole. They would ship safely, bubble wrapped - I've often sent glass plates express mail before.