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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Liquid Pencil

While wandering dazed through the cavernous realm of Eckersleys Art Supplies in Brisbane this week, I stumbled on a product called Liquid Pencil by Derivan.  It's a sludgy, grey ink that can be applied with a brush and dries looking exactly like pencil.  I stood in front of it for, oh, about five minutes in mini-crisis.  Was it a gimmick?  Did I really want pencil in a bottle?  On the other hand, could this be the product I needed to catapult me to a higher plane artistically?  In the end my inner child won and I took it home to play.  (After paying for it, of course!)  It actually is enormous fun.  If (like me) you like pencil drawings but (also like me) you're dead lazy - I mean efficient - and dislike spending hours doing graduated shading, this stuff can tone drawings in a flash and works well with actual pencil line.  Here's a piccy where I used it as a wash, drybrushed it on, and flicked it.  They're not paying me to write this.  No sign of the higher plane yet but I'll keep using it and see what happens.


  1. Great to meet you at the SCBWI conference, Gaye! Your illustration work looks really lovely; Good Luck with getting lots of commissions.
    Hope to see you at the next conference.
    Cheers, Marjory
    PS the area I was trying to think of was Opossum Bay in Tassie...

  2. Wow!Gotta get me some of that stuff, I am also la..er efficient. Looks like fun. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the kind message, I am back on the computer again, keep up the good work.