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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The land in winter

Saturday was a very wet market day, but I still enjoyed it - thank you to my stout-hearted customers.  On Sunday while everything was laid out at home drying, we drove north about 70 km into the country to see what we might find.  The land is showing its winter bones, but looks spectacular in its subdued bronzes and iron reds.  These are a couple of sketches I did of the landscape near Hamilton, where we had lunch at the historic inn. The pub dog begged politely, but he wasn't getting any of our Yorkshire pud with gravy!  After lunch we had a walk along the River Clyde and were rewarded by the sight of a platypus, rummaging around mid-stream.  Sorry I did not get a good photo of him.


  1. Gay: Nice landscape, quite striking! Looks like a place I've almost, but not quite, been to. Will there be more of these? Though (sad thought...) maybe landscapes are considered a dime a dozen, in the sense that so many people paint them well.

  2. Well, I really enjoyed doing them, so I plan to do more. And in fact, they are much easier to sell than pictures of people, so it could even be a good commercial decision!

  3. love this one Gay - I hope visitors to your blog know that clicking on the picture enlarges it - so satisfying. More please!

  4. Pero también ahora, con respecto a la cuestión de la ampliación de la imagen, lo que veo se planteó como una preocupación general, estoy seguro de que, dado que la mayoría de los visitantes son equipados con un ratón, deben en todo momento darse cuenta de que pueden botón de lo que gusta en especial, siempre que sea la imaginación los lleve! Esta es, pues, es mi teoría definitiva del ratón.

    Por cierto, mis felicitaciones a los wombat que figura en el bloque de título de su blog.

  5. Just lovely, and what a bonus with the Platypus!

    Off to look at more of your blog,