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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Banner for Watercolor Wednesdays

Here's the banner I made for Watercolor Wednesdays this month (I have to remind myself constantly not to put a "u" in Watercolor for the site).  The scene is the view from a hill in southern England (chalk downs country).  I read recently that painters who emigrated to Australia from England had trouble observing and painting distance in their landscapes, because in England there is a greater 'greying off' of colours towards the horizon.  In Australia, distant hills can appear intensely blue from the eucalypt oil in the atmosphere.  An Irish friend of mine said he had always regarded the blue hills in Australian paintings as artistic licence, until he visited and saw them for himself!  I was surprised by this as I had assumed it to be a universal fact that distant hills look blue. I tried to be quite true to the actual colours in this painting.

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