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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dromkeen - National Centre for Picture Book Art

I've just had the good luck to visit Dromkeen, the National Centre for Picture Book Art.  It's located in Riddells Creek about half an hour north of Melbourne's Tullamarine airport by car.  Our drive there took us through Sunbury, home of Australia's famous Sunbury Music (or Pop) Festival, which was held annually between 1972 and 1975.  (Apparently, Sunbury was highly successful until its final year, when it degenerated into a drunken yobbo-fest culminating in an on-stage stoush between Deep Purple, AC/DC, and their assorted roadies.  The hippie peace-love-flower era was over and the Australian pub rock era had begun).
Dromkeen itself is an historic homestead owned by Scholastic Australia.  The exhibitions there change regularly - at the moment, it's showing the Albert Ullin collection of illustrations by Australia's best, including the wonderful Ron Brooks, Freya Blackwood and Alison Lester.  Next term there'll be an exhibition of illustrations from John Lennox's 2005 version of Ethel Turner's "Seven Little Australians".  The homestead grounds house some sculptures of favourite picture book characters  (including one for fans of "Possum Magic") and on the day we were there, the place was being opulently overrun by heat-dazed peacocks.  I'd recommend it to anyone who likes children's literature.

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