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Friday, February 12, 2010

Scourge of the courgettes

Help!  We've got too many zucchini.  And squash.  Every day a new phalanx rises from the veggie patch to assault us.  We've tried to give them away, but somehow, they don't elicit the same ecstatic response that our passionfruit and boysenberries did.  You find out who your real friends are - that's all I'll say.  It's trial by cucurbit.

I might have to start dispensing them on my market stall: a free zucchini with every pendant.  No, no, madam, I insist.  Or perhaps you'd like a nice squash sculpture?  We made these for a party on Saturday and they went down a treat.

Post your zucchini ideas here.  You know you want to.


  1. Zucchini Soup !
    1 kilo zucchinis roughly chopped, couple of large onions roughly chopped, lots of garlic roughly chopped.
    Fry onions,garlic till slightly brown, add zucchini and cook till they are slightly brown, cover with stock or water with stock powder and boil till tender. Blend ... add pepper ... and enjoy! : ) Freezes beautifully too.

  2. I love your squash sculptures! We get assaulted everyday from our Veggie garden too...... haaa zucchinis...... ^_______^

  3. Who could resist your squash critters - loved the rakish pink carnation! A take-home gift for each guest? Lots of parties could be the answer.

  4. Zucchini bake! Do you eat dairies? oil a baking trail with olive oil, then add layers of zucchinis and mozarella, parmesano on top, oregano, salt pepper and an some olive oil.... I have made that for dinner tonight for friends, they loved it...
    Also I cooked some up with lentils in a dhal, or sometimes just slighly boiled with a garlic, coriander and olive oil dressing, it works well....

  5. Thanks helpful elves! Zucchini soup, bake and parties coming up.

  6. I'd like a drawing of a zucchini wearing a teeny weeny bikini and a beanie. You're so good at suggesting movement that you could draw a conductor wielding a baton (Toscanini zucchini), a Polynesian girl in a grass skirt doing the hula hula (wahine zucchini), a man shrugging off chains (Houdini zucchini) and a stout bod with an outthrust jaw giving the Fascist salute
    (Mussolini zucchini).

  7. Hi Gay,

    A shame you can't send them to the starving children in Africa who would be very glad of them I'm sure. Actually I have a very simple zucchini bake which relies on grating the zucchini so you can't tell what it is - then lots of salt, flour and oil to enhance (!) the flavour. Oh and a few of those herby things. It's delicious!

  8. hi gay

    what about zucchini cake? (get a recipe from the Net) or fritters (ditto) or quick lasagne which is nothing like normal lasagne and uses grated zukes in it! (recipe available from moi!) etc etc