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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A sense of proportion

This week's illustration is for Ray Kelley, who writes:

A Disproportionary Tale

Child, hear what happened when young Bess
Played with her yo-yo to excess.
She spurned her doll and teddy bear
To take that 'cool spool' everywhere;
All day she spun it to and fro
With dazzling skill, prestissimo.
In time this caused (to her alarm)
Enlargement of her yoyo arm
To freakish length as well as girth,
Until her knuckles grazed the earth
On that side, and she looked skew-whiff...
Time to take out your handkerchief
For Bess, who nevermore will spin
Her yo-yo out, and reel it in.
Child, overuse of natural talents
Throws you completely out of balance.

Very true, Dad.

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