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Friday, September 2, 2011

On the beach

With spring sunshine finally here, I've spent a few happy days going out collecting reference material for future illustrations.  I take a camera for backup, but I find a sketchbook is best.  Something about the act of sitting and drawing a scene for even five minutes fixes it in memory and leads to discoveries - birds landing in trees, unexpected footprints, dogs running along the beach.  This is a watercolour folktale illustration using a recent sketchbook scene from our local (romantically named) Goats Beach.  My sketch didn't have much information, so I was forced to keep the painting simple - not a bad thing.  I tried pre-tinting the paper with a wash of rose madder all over while wet.  It helped unify the painting and made the colours harmonious, but also flattened it a bit.
I did a warm up for this one by painting a couple of little postcard watercolours for my friend Carole, who sends me gorgeous hand-painted etegami.  To find out what etegami are ... here's the link to Carole's blog origa-me origa-me and to her etegami inbox with my watercolours (link), where she ponders on what makes something truly etegami!

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  1. Thanks for the links Gay, I'm no expert on etegami but it is a nice almost old fashioned way of communicating.
    Nice illo,I also like to work from life but sometimes have to resort to photos, I think after a lot of drawing experience you are able to 'flesh' out the 2D images, really just an 'aide de memoir' I guess.
    You like 'Green Tea ' perfume too, wow! good taste.