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Saturday, November 13, 2010

In the land of squeezy bottles

Ha!  I've been having a lot of fun.  My latest illustration assignment for the London Art College was to design some buildings from squeezy bottles, and then expand this idea to create a city that might exist under the kitchen sink.  I loved this whole concept, and as I never clean out the cupboard under the sink (inefficiency can be an excellent thing), I had abundant material to work with.

The church is the Home Brand Rinse Aid bottle - I never appreciated before what a lovely, classic bottle that is! The critters under the sink appeared while I was doodling and seemed to be having a splendid time, so I let them party.   I also did this rather terrifying military installation in the desert based on a Sprite bottle and our recent Route 66 drive through the badlands of Arizona.


  1. The last one does it for me! Depth (as in perspective),inscrutable,slightly unnerving and a bonus dog (coyote?)what more can a good illustration want?
    What a cool idea, are you studying with those guys? or is it some kind of invitational thing?

  2. I'm studying with them - it's a diploma in children's book illustration, and to pass you need to complete a series of sample briefs (as if from publishers) to gain experience. I think it's a good course, because apart from the instruction, the briefs give you a chance to try all sorts of things and find out what you really like/can do best. That IS a coyote - one ran across the road when I was driving in the desert (saw a road runner too! The US is just full of cartoon animals!)

  3. Oh you mean like Homer Simpson? :P