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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Myth and legend

I'm just back from a lovely holiday in north Queensland, where I soaked up some sun, swam in pristine rainforest creeks and waterfalls, caught up with family, and didn't draw or even photograph a thing.  And I must say it seems to have done my brain good, because I suddenly discovered on my return how to edit my folio website.  It now has three pages and looks much smarter (I hope!) than when everything was higgledy-piggledy on one page.  Please visit!  The link is on the top left.

With the benefit of perspective gained by getting away for a bit, I've resolved to build up my folio in an area that interests me - illustration for older readers of poetry, myths and legends.  This is a painting I did some years ago, but I'll be doing some new ones for the folio soon.  Glass buyers/enquirers, I promise to attend Salamanca Market again soon.  I'll post the date at the top of the blog.  Watch this space for more glass photos soon.  Cheers!

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